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Attended by hundreds of thousands each year to watch the magnificent sound and light shows, the legendary Sound and Light shows are presented at the sites of different monuments such as the world renowned Pyramids of Giza, Temples of Karnak, Philae and Abu Simbel; their historical and cultural significance are beyond any words or description. State-of-art technologies of lighting, laser shows and projection are used to visualize and bring to life the mysteries of the Pharaonic Egyptian civilization.




The company owns several important movies and cinema legacy, marketed inside Egypt and abroad. Furthermore, the company works in operational leasing of some cinemas and studios.




The company, Egypt Sound, Light and Cinema Co., undertakes lighting projects for others; one of its major projects is the illumination of Al Moez Street and Saladin Citadel.




The company, Egypt Sound, Light and Cinema Company, rents its sound and light theaters at the monumental sites to hold the private and public partiers for famous musical and theater bands.


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MISR company for Sound, Light and Cinema carries out Lighting projects for third Party, that is lighting El-Moaes Street which has added the touch of charm and fascination to the most important archeological and Islamic area in Cairo, and presenting it as attractive to the tourists



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The reservation only for attending the first show in English language ( main language ) other languages are presented by using headphones for translation

This is the only official website for the company and the company is not responsible for any data in other websites especially concerning the schedule



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