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Karnak temple itself has been built from three main temples, several small walls temples, and a great holy lake. The three main temples ardedicated to the gods Amon, his wife, moon and the god Montu. The museum contains a collection of statues found in all parts of the temple complex. Visitors access to the Temple of Karnak through a wide two miles passageway, lined with the heads of rams and sphinxes. Visitors then pass through the enormous room with huge columns, famous for its massive and polished columns. To date and after thousands of years, you can see the paint at the top of the columns feel the brush of the conscious ancient Egyptian. The area of the room is 54000 square feet, with 134 columns. Even today, it is the largest room in any religious buildings around the world. Queen Hatshepsut, the first female Pharaoh was aware of the importance of the Temple of Karnak and had ideas engraved on obelisks such as: O people to see this in the years to come, and talk about it, I know why it was and how it was made and in short I built it and decorated it with a mixture of gold and silver to be a gift for my father Amun.

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