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The company, Egypt Sound, Light and Cinema Co., includes Misr Cinematic Production and Distribution, which merged in 2003 with Sound and Light Company. The company owns about 400 famous narrative movies and more than 300 documentaries.

The movie base of the company includes 23 black and white movies and 120 colored movies, its first and early production was Hayat Al Zalam in 1940 and until 1950, four movies were produced. In 1950s, 55 movies were produced, the company's activities boomed as it produced more than 140 movies in the 1960s, 100 in the 1970s and 50 movies since the 1980s so far.

The company is striving to maintain and protect cinematic heritage of movies, employing the latest archiving methods, and digitalizing them. Movies distribution is one of the main company focus points, as it contracts with satellite TV channels to broadcast its movies, besides benefiting from copy rights of CD and selling internet content around the world.

The company practices operational and finance lease of the company's different assets of real estate, movables, rights, studios, albs with their accessories and equipment, cinemas and movie distribution.

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