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Misr Company for Sound, Light and Cinema is worldwide marked by holding the sound and light shows at the various archeological sites (Sphinx, Luxor – Feala – Abo Simble - Edfu).

Organization of sound and light shows at Sphinx area dates back to year 1960, which were opened in the era of the late Leader Gamal Abd El-Naser.


The Sound and Light project inauguration at El Karnak temple dates back to 1972; it is one of the biggest paranoiac temples at Thebes city which was founded for worshipping the god Amon In these Aras.

The inauguration of Sound and Light project at Faila Island dates back to 1985; they are the temples which wereset up in the Batalema era during the latest Pharaonic dynasty.

The inauguration of Sound and Light project of ABU SIMBEL temple dates back to year 2000, where the king Ramesses II Narrates its glory, victories of its armies and story of building his temple and of his wife Nefertiti.

The inauguration of Sound and Light project of Edfu temple dates back to year 2010The spectacular narrates the historical story of the temple, the legend of Horus (God of Edfu), and his annual journey with Hather (goddess of Dandara).Also it tells us the struggle of Horus and his mother Isis against evil.


One of the most important sectors of company is the cinema sector which comprises lots of the important films that were produced from the begining of cinema in Egypt to date which the company is keen to keep in the film negative's storehouse owned by the company and that has been prepared for keeping the films at a certain temperature and humidity; which distribute the Arab and foreign films inside and outside with all utilization methods, including the satellite and ground broadcasting; and works towards opening new markets for the Egyptian Films; as well as practicing the hire- purchase and operation credit for studios and cinemas, including Misr Studio, El-Ahram studio, arts city, Galal and El-Nahas studios; also, the company owns and manages 23 cinemas all over the republic, the most important of which are sphinx, deyana and Cairo Cinemas.

In The Desire by company for preserving the Egyptian artistic heritage, a Museum for Cinema has been established comprising lot of rare possessions of clothing, cameras and accessories and other property that were used at the beginning of Egyptian Cinema.

Misr Company for Sound, Light and Cinema Has become nowadays one of the most Important international companies which is internationally called for assistance in the field of lighting the ancient monuments, touristic milestones and cinematic production.

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